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Free vase Pickup

Free Vase Pickup

We understand that vases tend to accumulate. And accumulating is not always desirable. Valuable storage space is used and more often than not, vases are left on a dusty shelf, unused.

So we'd like to pickup your used vases and put them to use again. Or, if they really don't meet our quality standards, we will take them to the recycling center.

Here's How It Works

Call us at 703.442.8206 and schedule a pickup date. We will pick up your vases the next time we are delivering in your neighborhood. So you should be located within our local delivery area.

Place your vases (or box of vases) on your doorstep or inside your workplace front reception area the morning of your pickup date. We will stop by and pick them up!

Why We Are Picking Up Vases

No, there isn't a sudden vase shortage. And no, it won't really save us any money on vases. We just want to do our tiny part in helping the planet. And reusing and recycling is a great start!